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Sarah and Mark take a bike ride to Los Angeles
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Marci and Romeo each find Love
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Press Release; 2-4-2019:

Monday, February 4, 2019

   This website is about Book One of a five-story series describing the lives, loves and adventures of Marceline Pârfait, Sarah Davidson and their hard-working conservative families. The two young women are master's degree graduates, who after five years of school decide, rather than heading back east and jumping feet-first into their chosen careers, would like to see and possibly experience some of the beautiful State of California, in which they studied and cloistered themselves during the past five years. Part of this vacation trip is to purge Marceline's bad memories of her cold and uncaring neighborhood boyfriend, Jacob. Books Two through Five describe the lives of the Pârfait and Davidson families in detail, with romantic and adventurous story and character crosslinkages to weave an extended family saga.

   In the first book, because Marceline owes money for a past loan to her Uncle Phillípe Pârfait, she plans to enlist Sarah's help to do some pre-vacation research for him. As the two ingénues arrive in Redwoodville, they discover the Riverside Saloon. This bar and restaurant is a lumberman's playroom on weekends and watering hole, anytime a lumberjack or lover of country and western music can scrape together a buck for a drink.

   Since it sits on the far end of Redwood Drive, in the usually quiet town of Redwooodville, near the highway exit, Sarah spots the Riverside Saloon and stops there. She is attracted by the hooting and hollering of a corral of lumberjacks who offer her and Marceline drinks and companionship. Sarah has a great time at the Riverside Saloon with Jackson Roberts, her newest love, who is a country and western band leader.

   The saloon contrasts with the quieter Humboldt Inn at the other, more gentile end of town. With its up scale dining room, the Jefferson Restaurant, the inn attracts Marceline for its more dignified clientele and urbane atmosphere. Since her Central American dream lover Darôk Camul, hasn't arrived, Marceline meets and falls for the Humboldt County Inn concierge in a big way.

   On-the-road adventures include a dangerous near death earthquake and avalanche, which interrupts their rest stop and picnic. By saving Sarah, Marceline proves herself worthy of becoming a Gnostic Pleroma adept, which is a high honor in her spirit centered religion. Then after Marceline's avalanche produced wound on her cheek is fixed, she and Sarah have an adventure in wine and great Spanish food at Marci's Uncle Clemon's vineyard highlight their time in California in addition to presenting an opportunity for learning about California's wine industry.

   Phillípe is a chauvinistic people-user, of a uncaring 19th Century sort. His far fetching schemes, amorous endeavors, aggressive attitude toward women including his long-suffering wife Monica, who he loves dearly but dominates like a tyrant. Phillípe's villainous actions against any person or entity standing in his way, be they relative, business associate, spiritual beings or even God, are his habits and modus operandi. Exceptions are the rare occasion when Phillípe gets caught.

   Eventually, is his undoing at the story's climax, Phillípe Pârfait's real intentions are revealed in his plan to commercially exploit the Arboria Island pond's healing powers, and to have the three people who discovered the Arboria Islands secret, killed by a contract murderer. Marci, in trying her best to stop him, combines her inner strength with Nature, in its unrelenting quest to protect itself, the spirits get Marci to, work with them to become a bleeding Pieta, in effect she is a spiritual entity that pleads with her uncle to change his ways and do good before its too late.

   Incredibly Phillípe does not take his niece's actions or pleading seriously. However because of his intractability, Phillípe sees the walls of justice closing in on him. Phillípe's arrogance and rapacious exploitation of Nature's resources, does not sit well with any entity that savors life, and as a result,  Arboria Island enacts Nature's revenge on him by closing off his escape path from the island. When he is killed by his own greed, because of his most vile actions; only six people attended his funeral; his brother Henri Parfait delivers Phillípe's eulogy..

   The scope of this story centers on the two main character with intertwining plot lines driven by Marci's avaricious uncle and his rational and kind brother. As story characters weave an international two family history, they are drawn to the Summer Bridge as a focus point within the story arc. This foot bridge crosses a high canyon over the Eel River in Humboldt County and links the town of Redwoodville to a California State environmental reserve and nature park. The nature reserve is located on Arboria Island, which is composed of a hard volcanic rock up thrust in the middle of the Eel River in Northern California.

   The Summer Bridge foot bridge is a local tourist attraction and treat in summer. It's also an after dinner walking spot and lover's rendezvous at any time of a warm summer's day. However, each the tremendous winter snowfall in that area results in springtime floods, which raged through the canyon so heavily and at such a height along the river's banks, the Summer Bridge was carried downstream twice and broken into unusable pieces each time. 

   Therefore, to not suffer the loss of their beloved bridge ever again, the townsfolk and the city council approved the construction of a removable bridge, which is taken off its granite rock and concrete support mounts in fall. Then in late spring when the river flow has subsided and no threat of floods exist, the bridge is put back into place and bolted down for the summer. This is where Marceline and Darôk declare their love for each other and is a central focus of the story.

   In the book's Denouement the medical examiner declares the deaths of Phillípe Pârfait and Gerry Adelson accidental and restricts any release of information concerning the two dead men. The high council of the Gnostic Pleroma condemns Phillípe's soul. There will be no appeal or forgiveness of this vile entity.

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Summer Bridge Tales: Marceline