Chapter 6 - A Past Love Tugs on Marci's Heart

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"This location is so beautiful Sarah; could I please sit here and fantasize in a world of dreamboats and debonair men for just a few precious moments."
"Why not dream on forever, Marci; on the other hand, all I'm saying is that what you are doing is not good for your psyche. Besides, you don't want to get wrinkles thinking about rejecting Jacob and obsessing about Darôk.

Your dreamboat will come along as it happens and when the time is right. The event doesn't need to be super-special, Marci, he will love you and care for you. Therefore, enjoy your dreamy visions of loving Darôk under a Caribbean moon, and let any hint of forgotten male bimbos like Jacob fade into the shadows."
"Well, Jacob wasn't a total jerk Sarah; he was just a sort of a narrow-vision spaz in training. You know as well as I that my problems with Jacob, as festering as they were during our 2016 Mediterranean trip, got worse after we returned to New York. Everything about our one-sided romance was tolerable until that fall when he went back to NYU with his teachers' illogical leftist approaches and fuzzy thinking about politics. He got swamped with ideas that socialist liberalism is the only way to live."
"Is possible, Marci, that in Jacob's impressionable naiveté he believed his frat boy nonsense instead of thinking things through?'
"Rationality and logic had nothing to do with his acceptance of their ideas; basically, it was a case of collective survival and acceptance by an enviable group. Actually, if you think about it, Sarah, being leftleaning is not liberal in the classical sense; rather it is narrow, hegemonistic thinking."
"From my experience in the arts, young liberals are the worst, Sarah; you should see what I must put up with in acting classes and in amateur theater groups. They've substituted a fascist hegemony of Nineteenth-Century German imperialist ilk and transformed it into radical and socialist thought control. Rational thinking is frowned upon, but if you suggest ideas that border on ludicrous your opinion is approved by the group and accepted as humane."
A quizzical look crossed Marci's face, as she said, "They tolerate no other viewpoints but the liberal line. How does anyone get anything done in those groups?"
"They don't do, they just tell everyone that they do. That's what is great about social academia; you don't need to produce anything. If you encounter them in a social context, just don't bare your soul and proclaim that America is or can be great, Sarah; they will scream nonsensical liberal diatribes at you and have fits. Say things that smack of right wing or patriotic thought as little as possible Marci; America seems to be a foreign country to those folks."
"Based on our family's views of what it takes to be a true American, any liberal organization would throw Uncle Phillípe, my brother Rôméo, my Poppa and me out the door in a New York minute."
"It's a shame Marci; the greatest country in the world and most of its citizens are muzzled for their beliefs by a small group of sophisticated malcontents who try to make a worst case or lost cause seem like the more important moral course of action. They imagine injustice resides around every corner; such as environmental justice is the cure for all of Nature's ills."
"We call that being intellectual and scholarly narrow, Sarah. I wish you luck with Gabriella Wentworth and her off-Broadway production crew."
"Oh, no worry mate, she is a right-winger from the Goldwater and Reagan days. Gabriella has so much power in the city that nobody messes with her."
"Wow; that is a revelation; the question then remains; Sarah, how does she get anything done, on or off Broadway?"


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