Excerpt from Summer BridgeTales - A past love tugs on Marceline's Heart.

        Trying to purge Marceline's bad memories of a cold and uncaring boyfriend.  (return to home page.)

   "…This location is so beautiful Sarah, let's just sit here awhile; I want to fantasize about a world of dream boats and debonair men; and imagine I'm with Darôk for just a few precious moments."
  "Why not dream on forever, Marceline. On the other hand, it's my opinion that what you are doing is not good for your psyche. Besides; you don't want to get wrinkles, thinking too hard about rejecting Jacob and obsessing over Darôk. Your dream boat will come along when the time is right and it will be glorious."
   "But I need something spectacular to happen to me now, before I settle down to old and stiffening business, From what I've seen, Sarah, in my family's company in particular and the business world in general, it is so overpowering and limiting."
   "Grand occasions do occur all the time, Marceline. They happen most of the time when life's processes are engaging all our senses; it's just that we don't feel or see the far reaches of possibility. Living doesn't need to be super-special all the time, but you and your reaction to it does, Marceline. My approach to unplanned events is to handle them with total aplomb, take for instance, dropping a pin, and seeing the opportunity lying there in the rug or on a plain wood floor. As you pick up the pin, think of all the events surrounding it. On the stage it could have held up famous actress's dress and without it, the dress would tumble down, ruin the scene and possibly the play."

  Marceline gave Sarah a puzzled look and said, "I do hear what you are suggesting, Sarah. But over the last two years I felt Darôk drifting away from me; I really felt it in my heart. Long distance romances suck; I need interaction and his touch, not dreams."

  "Stop fretting; Darôk will love you and care for you with all his strength, Marceline. In a couple of days you will look back at your concerns and feelings of losing him just as a fading dream. And besides, while he is not beside you, enjoy your dreamy visions and remembrances of loving him under a Caribbean moon. Let frustrating remembrances of worthless nights kissing up to male bimbos like Jacob fade out of your sight and mind; then you will be clear to love Darôk with all your heart and strength."

  "I know what you are saying, Sarah. 'Let Jacob drop of my memory's radar into a deep canyon in the shadow of a forgotten mountain range.' Gone and forgotten will be his life sentence; fulfillment of that curse will be certain social death."
   "Well, Jacob wasn't a total jerk Sarah; don't cast him down to the tenth level of hell. He was just a strange sort of a narrow-vision spaz in that liberal training camp called Delta Nu Fraternity. Perhaps some day he may awaken from his 'frat mentality and narrow existence' and become a real man."

  "You know Sarah, my problems with Jacob, as petty as they were during our 2016 Mediterranean trip, got worse after we returned to New York City. Everything about my one-sided romance was tolerable until that fall when he went back to NYU."
   "You don't really believe college or university can change someone's personal outlook on life, do you Marceline?"
   "I most certainly do, Sarah; but on the other hand, if a student is strong in heart and mind, that person might have a chance to resist and tell his superiors where to go. But Jacob was caught in the web of his Sociology professor's leftist approaches to life. The poor boy bought whole package of their illogical, fuzzy-biased thinking about politics. He was swamped with the idea that socialist liberalism is the only way to live."
  "Is possible, Marceline, because of Jacob's naiveté he believed that frat boy nonsense instead of thinking things through?"
  "Yes, Sarah, you've hit the nail right on its head. Being naive and impressionable had nothing to do with his acceptance of their ideas; basically, it was a case of collective survival and his social acceptance by an in-fashion group. Actually, thinking about it, left-leaning is not liberal in the classical sense; rather it's narrow, dominating thinking that leads a young mind into despair."
  "From my experience in the arts, young liberals are the worst, Marceline; you should see what I must put up with in acting classes and in amateur theater groups. They have transmuted a fascist hegemony of Nineteenth-Century German imperialist ilk into anarchistic and socialist thought control. Rational thinking is frowned upon, and they will hurt you for your effort. But if you suggest ideas that borders on ludicrous or something against conservative or patriotic American ideas, your opinion is approved by the group and accepted as gospel."
  A quizzical look crossed Marceline's face, as she asked Sarah, "How does anyone get anything done in those groups? They make me think they are bound and gagged by an old feudalistic hegemony."

  "Yes I agree, Marceline, actually, they don't do anything substantive, they just tell everyone that they do, will do or try to get some underling to do it for them. That's what is great about social academia; you don't need to produce anything substantive. I actually had a guy in my theater group crying like a baby when I asked him to do a difficult part in a play at Agerstone. He wasted more energy fighting the role than actually trying to conquer it."

  "What a waste of manhood, Sarah."

  "Here is a warning Marceline; if you encounter liberals in a social context, just don't bare your soul and proclaim, America is or can be great; they will scream nonsensical social diatribes at you and have fits. Say things that praise right wing activities or a hard work ethics as little as possible; America seems to be a foreign country to those folks."

  "Based on the Pârfait family's view of what it takes to be a truly successful American, any liberal organization would throw Uncle Phillípe, my brother Rôméo, my Poppâ and me out the door in a New York minute."
  "It's a shame Marceline; the greatest country in the world and most of its citizens are muzzled for their beliefs by a small group of sophisticated malcontents who try to make a bad cause, minor event or anarchic activity seem like the most important moral course of action the world has ever seen."

  "I think AGW and climate change fits that bill to a tee, Sarah."

  "These sophisticates imagine injustice resides around every corner; such as thinking, their version of environmental justice is the cure for all of Nature's ills."
  "I know Sarah, and only mankind is the cause of it; we call that being intellectual and scholarly narrow, Sarah. I wish you luck with Gabriella Wentworth and her off-Broadway production crew."
  "Oh, don't be concerned about that issue, Marceline, she is an old-monied right-winger from the Goldwater and Reagan days. Gabriella has so much power in New York City, nobody messes with her."
  "Wow; that's a revelation; the question then remains; Sarah, how does she get anything done, on or off Broadway?"

"No worry there mate; she is definitely a strong person and great director, and she will let you know about it real fast, if she thinks you are about to cross her. Fifth Avenue old money keeps her running on all cylinders, and upper-crust Park Avenue billionaires support her U.S. Constitutional and conservative viewpoints; always have, always will.  Novo-ríché liberals can’t make it past the front door there; they can’t even buy real estate for cash…"


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