Excerpt from Chapter 30 - Darôk's Love Finds Marci
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"...Marci, in future any romance that happens to come my way, will be through your graceful heart. In the past I didn't know who that special someone would be, but now there is no doubt, Marci; you are the perfect lover for me." "You say such beautiful things, Darôk my darling. Perhaps you would like to tell me those beautiful and wondrous words down on Summer Bridge?" "I'm there my already there, my love, and I have been in my mind for several days now. Summer Bridge is my refuge where I go to think. Now it can be ours alone. Let's get our jogging clothes on and get down there, Marci. At this time of day with everyone thinking about evening things, we can be alone and dwell in love for each other in the majestic silence of a Humboldt sunset." Then, as they stood in the middle of Summer Bridge, with that portion of the Eel River layed out before them, east to west, the sun shone right down the length of visible water. Warm thoughts of heartfelt love enveloped them like an late afternoon aura. That steel and wooden bridge, supported by high surrounding cliffs, was like a romantic four-poster bed, but one-hundred feet high, over a gaping chasm of roaring water, which echoed their love wild flow. Unlike their love affair that shows all indications of lasting forever, the Summer Bridge exists in its place during the easygoing days of summer and foregoes the desolation of a raging Northern California winter. Those long cold Northern California winters wear on human hearts like an insincere travesty and temporarily turn away thoughts from summer's majesty. During most of the year, it sits as a grand fair-weather edifice, which the local authorities remove off its pedestals and carefully store away from winter's winds and raging early spring floods. Then resting in its winter shroud, awaiting the golden warmth of a lovely spring morning. For a time, the threatening high-water forces attempt to tear Marci's and Darôk's Summer-Bridge love spot into a million pieces and float it away. Then that awakening rebirth slowly banishes winter's clinging ice, blanketing snow and pounding runoff. However, during the height and warmth of this summer day, Marci and Darôk can look to each other eyes on Summer Bridge and bask in its warm remembrance. Marci turned to Darôk, gave him a wholehearted smile that said so many things beyond words, as she offered a warm, "I love you Darôk." He returned her affection with a kiss, as he said, "And I love you too Marci." The magic aura of a sunset on Arboria Island began to fade into rosy glimmers on the Eel River, twoard the west. And into the darkening eastern sky a rising full Moon melded . As Marci and Darôk walked along, then stopped to talk as they slowly savored each Summer-Bridge moment. They planned to cap their day with evening poolside snacks and some wine at the Humboldt Inn.  As they stopped three-quarters across, Darôk then said to Marci, "We must come to the island tomorrow after lunch and spend some time in the pond. Please remind me to bring a blanket, towel and bathing suits with the picnic stuff. If the water purity test kit in my suitcase back at the inn, tells us it's safe to swim and even drink Arboria Island's water, the place and our investment will be more than a total success." Marci squeezed Darôk's arm in hers and enthusiastically said, "If any part our future, is as wonderful as today has been on this bridge, people will love coming here to spend some time visiting Arboria Island; it is a pure expression of Nature in Humboldt County." "Is that your scientific evaluation or just a sensitive comment, Marci?" Then the ever cautious-scientist businesswoman, tried to bring the conversation back to realty by saying, "Well, actually both Darôk; Arboria is a bit rough around the edges now, but I think it can be brought to a better more enjoyable state with some careful management." Darôk reveals some Mayan magict to Marci by revealing the nature of the island by saying,"Rough around the edges is right Marci, and in along the path to the pond; those weeds and brambles are nasty. Did you get any cuts on your legs when walking the path, Marci?" "No, oddly enough the path was just right for me. I noticed; as I was walked along the path and looked back at the pond and pathway; the grass appeared to fall over, grow back and close-up after I passed through. Do you have any ideas; about how such speedy decline and regrowth can occur Darôk?" "I'd say it was almost like magic, Marci...."

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