Excerpt from Chapter 25 - Marci and Sarah at the Riverside Saloon

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  "...Just as long as we don't get a sexual harassment suit filed against us.
  "We surely don't want any sexual harassment suit against us before we get our work done.  Remember what happened in school with that sociology professor who threatened to get you expelled for following him around campus."
  "That was a complete misunderstanding, Sarah.  All I wanted was some help with a big assignment; he
thought I was coming onto him too hard.  Besides, nothing came of it.  And remember to use your sophistication; it can work miracles in a woodsy town, just to stand out a bit."
  "Remember Sarah, we are still out West; they might not appreciate my trying to be better than the
  "Well there is only one way to satisfy my curiosity about these lumbering jocks; let's mingle Sarah."
  As both girls crossed the saloon floor, Marci said in a sotto voice, "I'm wading right in and asking the bar
keeper if he has seen or served a person named Darôk Camul."
  "Isn't that taking an unnecessary chance, Marci?"
   "If you see me turn a bright red color, you'll know that I made a mistake for asking; but if you see me
grab a tall dark handsome guy, wrap my arms around him and plant a kiss on him, then you will know I
found my man. And if I'm not back till tomorrow morning, be assured I hit pay dirt."
  "Yes, mother Marci; I got it, I got it; just don't blow this deal okay."
  "I know what I am doing, Sarah." Trying to look disinterested, and at the same time concentrating on
getting her fellow, she approached a group of men, gathered at the bar. Marci angled and sidled her slim
body through the group of overly muscular woodsmen.
   Sarah followed close enough behind so that the boisterous throng never had a chance to move in and refill Marci's trail. As soon as Marci entered the front door, she thought she had spotted him.  From her close position behind Marci, Sarah thought she recognized someone resembling Darôk, and nudged her back, and said quietly, "Marci; is that him?"
  Now, with Sarah pushing from behind, combined their shuffling forward momentum, both girls were
being jostled through the dancing crowd; it seemed like they were propelled toward their prey. However,
just as Marci was about to have a full-face collision with her target, she realized the man was not Darôk.
  "Oh, I'm sorry, pardon me, sir, I thought you were someone I knew."
  "Or perhaps someone you'd like to know. Hello, I'm Mike, Dodson; I manage the largest lumber mill
in Redwoodville; perhaps you'd be interested in meeting me instead? His come-on delivery was mellow
and deep, probably rounded out by a few beers."
  In that instant, Marci recognized a striking similarity between Derek and this Mike Dodson. As her
embarrassment found its way to her cheeks, which had reddened considerably, instinctively she blurted out,
"I'm so sorry Mike, my name's Marci and thanks for your offer, but perhaps you'd like to meet..."  As she spoke, Marci twisted and backed up, and tried to urge her companion forward, through a tangle of partying bodies, to bring Sarah's good looks and inviting form, into Mike's full view.
  "…Sarah, is going to be an off-Broadway actress, and just loves tall, dark handsome characters like you."
  Practically shoving Sarah toward Mike, Marci then said, "I'm sure you could tell Sarah some interesting lumber land tales."
   As Sarah came into full view, Mike turned away, stepped back from his close encounter with Marci, and then made an instant appraisal of Sarah's raven-haired beauty.  Marci's kinetic introduction turned revelation into delight for the two new acquaintences, and Mike said in his deepest resonant voice, "Well, hello there; yes, I would surely like to meet you.  I understand your name is Sarah, as in the Broadway fame of Sarah Bernhart, perhaps?   However at this exact moment, I could only think of a name for you, like Aphrodite; you know the Greek goddess of loveliness and beauty

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