Excerpt from Chapter - 30 - Phillípe Arrives at Arboria Island.

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"...Remember Marceline, until we hear from our lawyers as to our rights concerning this water, in regard to the State of California; keep it under your hat. In fact, since my legs are 'cured,' after my call I'll come over to you and the guys and show everyone what is so medically important about this place? I want to swim in this water in case my arthritis needs an Arboria Island Pond water treatment."
    Marceline tried to get her uncle to change his exploiting and marauding ways, by pleading with him, "The water is very special and only those who understand and accept its significance are supposed to benefit from it."
    "I understand what you are saying completely, Marceline. You know; I went around the promenade pool for hours in the mineral waters at Bath, England a few years ago and that was very effective, but it was never like this. I imagine a couple of strolls around Arboria Pond in its mineral waters will beat my arthritis down to tiny twinges. For many years, I was thinking of going back to Bath but, hell no; not now, I'm going to bathe in the riches of this incredible water forever. In addition, I now have this mineral bath to bottle and sell big time. It's all right here and it will be my greatest success caper when I bottle it for the entire world. After my call to the office I will see you later Marceline, I'll be back for a good soak. After that soak I'll be a new man; no old man wrinkles just clear smooth skin."

Marceline went back to the swimmers, wondering, what scheme her ever-loving uncle was planning next and why the call at this hour of the evening back east. Nonetheless, the group of Marceline, Kent and Darôk swam about like kids in their favorite swimming hole. Noticing that the bottom sloped gently from the edges toward the pond's middle area, the 'boys' took up the deep diving challenge. Then they swam out to its center and surface dived down into its deeper colder sections.
    As Kent, the bravest of divers hit the frigid bottom layer at twelve feet, he quickly returned to the warm top waters, gasping for air and reveling in the surface water's warmth. Kent then relied on his inner strength and shifted into California surfing mode as he said, "Damm it, that water is cold, but the challenge is there at the bottom of the pond, and I'm going to find out where this place gets its artesian spring or freeze trying."

"You be careful Kent. I don't feel like resuscitating you when you come up unconscious from too much cold."

"Don't worry Marceline, I surfed California's coast in winter and summer; that place is always cold."

After his call, Phillípe ambled down the hill to the center of the island to have a soak in Arboria Island Pond, his secret weapon against arthritis and old age.

As she sat on a large, rock admiring 'the boys' as play, Marceline noticed a bit of dampness on the right side of her swimsuit. Then she thought, I was drying off nicely a few minutes ago, but the side of my suit is so damp.

She looked at her right side where the dampness was located, and it appeared as if she was bleeding there. To check, she slid down the rock and stood behind a large boulder, in a shadow for some privacy. Located where she was up the hill, and out of sight of the pond, she slipped her right arm out of her bathing suit's shoulder strap and lowered the right side of her suit down below her waist.

My God, I'm wounded in my side, but how could that be, with no hole in my bathing suit, no pain and minimal blood; this is nuts!

There was what appeared to be a deep wound in her side, it looked like someone stuck a primitive spear into her side, but it didn't hurt at all. Ideas raced through her mind as she thought, I would expect the blood would gush out of a wound such as this and I would be laying there in shock, but it is just slightly bleeding; it's just a trickle and I feel fine.

Then Marceline looked at the palms of her hands; each palm was bleeding. It was as if someone stabbed both of her hands, as well as her side...”

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