Excerpt from Chapter 20 - Sarah's Plans were Changing.

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 "...As Sarah showed the group, the best picture of her intended for the evening, she tried to make the most of a moment corps-à-corps (lit. trans. Fr.; body-to-body moment).  The quality of her photos notwithstanding, it appeared that Jackson was not as handsome or sophisticated as Richard, but she was enamoured.  Sarah plans to have a great evening at Jackson Roberts place in Miranda up the road.
  Richard's good looks were inherent in his manner and continental style. Jackson, on the other hand, with his rugged appearance definitely had some appeal to western cowgirls. Jackson might not even be able to come close to Richard's panache on any of his off days, but Sarah was all in for an evening with her favorite bandleader.
  There was no doubt Sarah was rump-over-tea-kettle in love. It was hard to tell if Marci was just trying to make Sarah feel better about her choice of evening entertainment or was really impressed with her accomplishment, then said, "Bon chance, good luck Sarah; have a great evening.  I'm going outside to look for Darôk."
  Sarah, noticing Marci's intended exit, dropped her single picture of Jackson in Richard's lap. Then she picked up and held Marci's left arm across Richard's chest, and tried to describe to the group, her opportune encounter with Jackson Roberts, Riverside Saloon's bandleader as an enchanted moment, and exclaimed, "Yes, he has played quite a few venues out West and he sounded very interested in my singing. Therefore, I'll be this spending this evening up there with him in Miranda with him. Marci, you have his mobile phone number in case you need to get a hold of me for any reason."
  " Yes, Sarah; don't dance your boots off."
  "Thank you, Marci, dear; I'll be in Miranda till I hear from you, and my mobile phone will be on during the time that I will be sleeping; I don't want to miss anything that you and Richard might be up to."  Sarah spoke to the air in front of them with a bit of warm modulation as only a singer can do so well, to draw Richard attention to her and include him in her pronouncement; but it didn't seem to be working.
  Richard reminded everyone that social hour at the pool starts at eight o'clock by saying, "Remember, I hope everyone will be sitting around the pool getting thoroughly smashed on red wine, cheese and a couple of pounds of chocolate I brought up from Napa last week. So, stop by the pool area Sarah, if you need to finish off your night with a daring plunge in the deep end of the pool and a warm soak in a Jacuzzi.  It'll help you sleep."
  Sarah was still trying to dominate her best friend forever by saying, "Marci, didn't you mention that you were planning to sample the inn's red wine?  I'm sure that will help you to sleep like a rock.  I don't think I will have too much trouble sleeping, after multi margaritas and a lot of jazzy rock 'n roll.  I'll probably fall down in a couch somewhere in the back of Jackson Roberts' music room.  Richard can you please help me to my car, I have so much stuff to carry over to Jackson's place?"
  After he saw Sarah off to her country and western destiny in Miranda, Richard left Marci a message on her mobile saying that he had to do some errands after work around four, and that he would meet Marci back at the recreation room around four-thirty for some tea, cheese and biscuits, if she was interested.  Later, when Marci returned to the recreation room, Richard was making some tea for Marci and himself behind the check in counter.  Sarah had left him a message that she wouldn't be making evening tea, and she probably wouldn't see him or Marci until tomorrow afternoon sometime as she was staying with Jackson Roberts after their evening jazz session....

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