Technical Aspects
of the story:
• Corvette, 2016 Cabriolet
Ulmen, Dusseldorf built
365 cubic-inch block
Dynamic handling package
Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)
Remote Vehicle Start (RVK)

Summer Bridge, Book 1 Marceline

Story excerpts for review: 

Marci and Sarah Graduate
A Past Love Tugs on Marci Heart
Sarah and Mark go to Los Angeles
A Picnic and Panic.
Visiting Uncle Clémôn's Vineyard
Marci Arrives at the Humboldt Inn
Sarah's Plans were Changing
An Evening’s Romance
Marci and Rôméo find Love
Marci and Sarah at the Riverside Saloon.
Darôk’s Love Finds Marci
Phillípe Arrives at Arboria Island Pond

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

This is a story about two recent college graduates.  Marceline and Sarah Davidson are two master's degree graduates, who after five years of school decide, rather than heading back east and jumping feet-first into their chosen careers, would like to see some of the beautiful state, in which they studied and cloistered themselves during that time.  On-the-road adventures sum up their time in California with romance, adventure, danger and great vacation fun. In addition to doing some pre-vacation research for Marceline's Uncle Phillípe, they look forward to meeting someone other than the not-so-interesting college boys of the last five years.  Because they have had their fill of college type guys, each girl is on a quest for a real TDH (tall, dark and handsome) man amongst the tall redwoods of Humboldt County.

The scope of this story is described in six books; each centers on a main character with interrelational linkages and intertwining plot lines that weave an international two family history. The Summer Bridge is a focus point within the story arc by continuously drawing the characters to that location.  This foot bridge crosses a high canyon over the Eel River in Humboldt County and links the town of Redwoodville to a California State environmental reserve and nature park. The nature reserve is located on Arboria Island, which is composed of a hard volcanic rock up thrust in the middle of the Eel River in Northern California.

The foot bridge is a local treat in summer as an after dinner walking spot and lover's rendezvous at any time of day. However, each the tremendous winter snowfall in that area results in springtime floods, which rage through the canyon so heavily and high on the river's banks that the Summer Bridge was carried away down stream twice and broken into unusable pieces each time.  Therefore, to not suffer the loss of their beloved bridge ever again, the townsfolk and the city council approved the construction of a removalble bridge, which is taken off its granite rock and concrete support mounts in fall. Then in late spring when the river flow has subsided and no threat of floods exist, the bridge is put back into place and bolted down for the summer…

                              The main characters as part of the six-book story arc:

Marci     -    Book 1, introduces the main character and her college mate Sarah as part of an introduction to this story, and previews Marci's friend's, business associates and her extended family. Tthese characters are introduced within the context of Marci's extended family history.  Marceline Pârfait, who everyone calls Marci, is from a family of specialty woodcutters, sculpturers, woodcarvers, craftsmen and salespeople. With her Master's Degree in Biology complete, and her patent application in epigenetics sent into the US Patent Office, she is now ready to find love no matter what it takes.

Darôk    -    Book 2, centers around Darôk Ah Camul, the last scion of the Camul family, an ancient Mayan clan in Belize; he is a business acquaintance and Marci's romantic dream TDH man to whom she was introduced in Belize on a business trip for her Uncle Phillípe.  The two accidental lovers have kept to themselves for a year as Marci gets her degree and fininishes a patent application for an epigenetic system of tree and soil regeneration.  Now that her schooling is complete, Marci and Darôk are hoping to get together in Humboldt County, California, and attempt to rekindle their love affair.

Rôméo  -    Book 3, tells about Marci's brother's adventurous life, his business activities for Parfait Industries, as sales director and various romantic amours, also the trials and tribulations of transporting his Mercedes Benz sports car around the world and his affair that started on his trip to Romania and as part of his need to purchase a pen and ink set for signing a large lumber contract in Constanta.

Hênri     -    Book 4, elaborates on the life of Marci’s father as the latest archon the Parfait family and President of Parfait Industries; he inherited the company in a long line of principal owners, stemming back to the founder of Parfait family, Hercequle Parfait, who came to Canada from France in 1109 A.D., partly for commercial freedom, but mostly to escape the political intrigues of Pope Clement the Third's Inquisition against the so-called Cathar heresy.  These artisans who started their business during the Middle Ages,furnishing and finishing castles and churches in France, sailed their families and craftsmen to the deep forests of what would be later called Quebec, Canada, and later move their operations to New York State in the 1800's. He loves his troublesome brother, and does what he can for him.

Phillípe  -    Book 5, of this series is told in retrospect and remembrances, which picks up on and describes Phillípe's life, in stories about Marci's lecherous uncle and brother of Hênri Parfait during his various positions in Parfait Industries. Phillípe Parfait, as CFO and VP was in charge of manufacturing and engineering, and as a cantankerous middle-aged troublemaker, and user of people, ideas and circumtance, without regard for cost, inconvenience or consequence.  His odd money wasting schemes, which he thought lucrative, were part of his attempts to take over Parfait Industries from Hênri, was a constant challenge to the patience and reserve of his generous and rational brother.  Phillípe's amorous endeavors, aggressive attitude towardwomen, except his long-suffering wife Monica who he loved dearly and  His villanous actions against anyone who stood in his way eventually is his undoing. When he was killed, during of his most vile actions; only one person attended his funeral, that person was his brother Henri Parfait.

Sarah    -    Book 6, as Marci's life-long friend ad confidant.  Sarah Davidson is the daughter of a championship horseman, who raises steeplechase winners and teaches equestrian techniques on the family farm in Vermont. Sarah has made her way through several career choices from a country and western singer to off-Broadway actress and stage director to mother of two wonderful children with her loving husband and first romantic thrill Jackson Roberts.  With continuing advise and support from Marci, Sarah has made some difficult choices between staying with Roberts versus seeking fame and fortune on the Broadway stage as she followed the siren call of the great stage empressaria,
Gabriella Wentworth. But as the glamour and stardom of Broadway wore thin, Sarah came back to her first love Jackson Roberts and found family life more rewarding in the long run. She enjoys her happy family after the vicissitudes of New York City life and now resides in Tucson, Arizona where she sings
at a local country and western themed resort. Both ladies and their children now visit each other at their homes in New York and Arizona on alternate years.


The Summer Bridge Story Arc