Excerpt from Summer Bridge Tales - Marceline's Poppâ, Hênrí Pârfait.
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Hênrí's beginnings in Canada and travels   (return to home page.)

"...Now I know I’m in trouble Poppâ, when you use my full given name..."

"Hênrí Pârfait is not a man of trifles. His life began in the cold belittling forests of Quebec, Canada. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Parfait Industries a family-owned eight-hundred-year old hardwood carving and finishing company of Canadian American heritage. His life in the beginning because of the tasks and responsibilities laid on him by his Poppâ. This makes growing up and maturing into the scion of a large Canadian lumber company difficult for a young and early maturing man. Through the cold and hard work of logging and hardwood accoutrements manufacturing, Hênrí retains a steady eye on his future.
  Many stoic characteristics of the not so typical French-Canadian family archon and as such he is the glue for a widely dispersed global family. He is steadfast, quiet and understanding, and only wants only the best for Marceline and her brother Rôméo but only if they make strong efforts to acquire success.
  With a Gallic background he is not only practical person but does not believe in flaunting family fortune with social parties or a high New York style of living.
  He supports his brother Phillípe through difficult times in school and during Phillípe's tenure as Vice-president of Manufacturing.
  Hênrí Pârfait's company bids on large industrial and commercial contracts for finely finished buildings and multi-story skyscrapers using only the best hardwood trims, balustrades and grand stairways....

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