Excerpt Chapter 23 - Exceptions are the Rare Occasion
when Phillípe gets caught.

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  "…What the heck; if your more mature uncle can keep up a conversation with these young guys, so be it; more power to him.  Maybe he feels; age is no barrier to socializing.”

“Sarah, that’s barely the half of it.  If you saw the way he chased after younger women in the Pârfait home office; you’d appreciate what I’m about to tell you.

During one of my summer, break internships, on a hot and sticky afternoon at our manufacturing plant in New Jersey.  The sun was high in the western Jersey hills; I was gazing out a foyer window at Manhattan across the Hudson, and fluffing my hair in an air conditioner downdraft.

“It was sort of like in the movie ‘Bus Stop’ but in reverse.”

“Yes; I was totally oblivious to office activity behind me, and my uncle comes up, and hits on me by grasping both of my shoulders to try and turn me around; ostensibly because he said it was my hair scent, floating down the hallway, that was turning him on.”

“Your uncle hit on you!  Impossible; I mean in a normal young male office-stud situation, might be true, but your forty ish uncle?

“Yes, indeed he did.  You should have seen the look on his face when I turned around and prepared to rebuff someone, who I thought was some young executive in heat.  If it were possible, they could have canned and sold his cheeks colored pink henna to the out-of-work farm.”

“That’s precious; Marceline’s uncle hitting on his ingénue niece by accident.  Did you and he straighten it out; I mean did both of you come to an understanding?”

“Yes, we absolutely did Sarah; I told him to never mention it to anyone, and I would stay mum likewise.  Sometimes I wonder if this research activity we are involved in these days, is a chance to placate and mollify me, yet keep me under his thumb, as we were part of a conspiracy or something, if you know what I mean.”

I’d say a discrete yes but seeing your Uncle Phillípe doing his routine on the evening waitress over there in the saloon patio makes me think otherwise.  She is holding a tray of drinks, precariously over his head, if she only knew more about him.

It certainly isn’t my place to say anything about your uncle, but I’d let him take a chance at wooing me if I knew it wouldn’t wreck our relationship.

“Don’t even think about it Sarah; he might have ESP and come knocking on your door some quiet evening.  He might think I put you up to it.”

“Well it would be flattering if discovering his ESP wasn’t so icky.”

"I know what you mean Sarah.  To say, he couldn’t mix and mingle with the younger crowd is moderately an understatement."

"My seemingly mature uncle covers the disco club scenes like a noisy Wednesday night lothario…"


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