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Summer Bridge Tales, Book 1, Marceline
Summer Bridge Tales, Book 2, A Picnic and Panic
Summer Bridge Tales, Book 3, Marceline's Men
Summer Bridge Tales, Book 4, Marceline and Darôk's Romance
 Summer Bridge Tales, Book 5, Hênrí Pârfait (in process)
Summer Bridge Tales, Book 6 - Sarah (in process)
Summer Bridge Tales, Book 7 - Generations (in process)

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Sarah and Mark go to Los Angeles on a Harley.
Marceline and her brother Rôméo find Love.
Sample of Summer Bridge Book Four Climax.

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                   Summer Bridge Story Background

Summer Bridge is a foot bridge that crosses the Eel River, which is a local tourist attraction and treat in summer. Many an after dinner walk starts and ends there; as a lover's rendezvous any time of a warm summer's day the bridge holds many memories. However, each winter the tremendous snowfalls in that area, results in springtime floods. They rage and tumble through the canyon so heavily and at such a height along the river's banks that the Summer Bridge was broken away from its moorings and carried downstream twice. Both times it was broken into unusable pieces. 

   Therefore, to not suffer the loss of their beloved bridge ever again, the townsfolk and the city council approved the construction of a removable bridge, which is taken off its granite rock and concrete support mounts in fall. Then in late spring when the river flow has subsided and no threat of floods exist, the bridge is put back into place and bolted down for the summer. This is where Marceline and Darôk declare their love for each other, and is a central focus of the story.

   In the climax at the end of Book Four, the two killers fall to their deaths off Summer Bridge. The county medical examiner declares the deaths of Phillípe Pârfait and Gerry Adelson accidental, and restricts any release of information concerning the two dead men. The high council of the Gnostic Pleroma condemns Phillípe's soul. There will be no appeal or forgiveness of this vile entity.

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Sunday, December 8, 2019   Press Release


    This website describes Summer Bridge Tales, which is a seven-book series describing the lives, loves and adventures of Marceline Pârfait, Sarah Davidson and their associated hard-working conservative families. The two young women are master's degree graduates, who after five years of college decide, rather than heading back east and jumping feet-first into their chosen careers, they plan to see and experience some of the beautiful State of California, in which they studied during the past five years. Part of this vacation trip is an attempt to purge Marceline's bad memories of her cold and uncaring neighborhood boyfriend, Jacob.

    The series extends to the lives of the Pârfait and Davidson family, Marceline's brother Romeo, her father Henri and mother Angeline. Marceline's lovers and the stage acting career of her life long friend Sarah Davidson. The story is laid out for the reader in an enjoyable flowing style, with romantic, life adventures and character cross-linkages weaving an extended family saga.

    Book One centers on Marceline Pârfait and Sarah Davidson with intertwining plot lines driven by Marceline's love of her life Darôk Cinzelado, a young Brazilian businessman meeting her on a trip with her Uncle Phillípe. As story characters weave an international two family history, they are drawn to the Summer Bridge as a focus point within the story. This foot bridge crosses a high canyon over the Eel River in Humboldt County and links the town of Redwoodville to a California State environmental reserve and nature park. The nature reserve is located on Arboria Island, which is composed of a hard volcanic rock up thrust in the middle of the Eel River in Northern California.

    Darôk and Marceline fell in love on the beach at Recife, Brazil. During her two-week stay and their on-again and off-again romance during her college career has enhanced Marceline's love for this dynamic Brazilian. Now they will be together again for an entire summer, their love will grow even stronger. Once they spend some time together in Humboldt County California where her Uncle Phillípe has a research project waiting for her and Sarah, love will blossom to its full.

    Because Marceline owes her Uncle Phillípe a large sum of money. She intends to pay him back by performing some arboreal research for him. In addition to planning a great variation for the two of them, she asked Sarah her life-long friend to assist her in this research.

    Book Two in the Summer Bridge Tales series tells of the graduates' on-the-road adventures include a dangerous earthquake and avalanche catastrophe, which interrupts their rest stop and picnic. By saving Sarah, Marceline proves herself worthy of becoming a Gnostic Pleroma adept, which is a high honor in her spirit centered religion. Then, after a wound she received on her cheek during an avalanche is treated at a local surgical clinic Marceline gets some plastic surgery. The wound is treated by a an interning plastic surgeon who says there will be no observable scar on her otherwise flawless face.

   After the painful encounter with an earthquake the ladies, take a break from driving during their trip to Humboldt County, in which Sarah and Marceline stay at her Uncle Clemon's vineyard, to experience exceptional California wine, great Spanish food and a epicurean lifestyle.

As the two ingénues arrive in Redwoodville, after meeting Marceline's Uncle Clemmôn, Sarah and Marceline discover the Riverside Saloon. The Riverside Saloon is a bar, restaurant, lumberman's playroom on weekends and a watering hole for any lumberjack or lover of country and western music who can scrape together a buck for a drink. Sarah is enamored with the male activities there, and without consulting with Marceline, Sarah stakes her claim to the Riverside Saloon.

    She is attracted by the hooting and hollering of a corral of lumberjacks who offer her and Marceline drinks and companionship. Sarah changes her quest for love of Richard and has a great time with Jackson Roberts, a country and western band leader, who becomes her newest lover.

    Marceline arrives at the Humboldt County Inn, and falls hard for the concierge. The Riverside Saloon contrasts with the quieter and more sedate Humboldt Inn at the other, more gentile section of town. With its up scale dining room, the Jefferson Restaurant, the inn attracts Marceline for its more dignified clientele and urbane atmosphere. Since her Central American dream lover Darôk Cinzèlado, hasn't as yet arrived, Marceline's intense love affair with Richard gives her a new outlook on romantic love.

  Book Three of the Summer Bridge Tales series, is the story of the men in Marceline's life: Hênrí, Phillípe and Romeo Pârfait, Clemmôn Aragônne and Darôk Cinzèlado. Clemmôn Aragônne is the husband of Juliet Pârfait, Hênrí sister and business associate of his now brother-in-law Hênrí Pârfait. Juliet met Clemmôn at wine tasting event during a lovely Saturday afternoon wine flight at Clemmôn's vineyard and winery in Napa, California.

    Señor Clemmôn Aragônne produces high-quality Spanish heritage wines for discriminating San Francisco and worldwide oenologists. During her trip to Napa Valley as a newspaper wine expert, the two met at the Aragônne. Their mutual interest in wines helped them hit it off right away. Within a year of dating and increasing longer newspaper assignments in Napa Valley and stays at the Aragônne Estate, she became Juliet Pârfait-Aragônne in a beautiful ceremony on the winery estate grounds. In taste tests of Aragônne Vineyard wines by the American Society for Enology and Viticulture, Aragônne Estate Cabernet Sauvignon and two other vintage wines won medals of honor for six years in a row.  

  Book Four describes the men in Marceline's love life including Jacob, Harry Lowenstien and Darôk Cinzelado.

    As business associate of Parfait Industries, Marceline's mystery lover, Darôk Cinzèlado is the heir to a large hardwood company and its fortune based in Recife, Brazil. He was brought into Marceline's life by her Uncle Phillípe Pârfait during a spring vacation trip to Brazil. The business trip was intended to introduce her to the international hardwood trade and utilize her epigenetic innovation in growing trees in poor soil to increase Cinzèlado Industries and Pârfait Industries' future Mahogany stock.

    The Brazilian jungle topsoil is rich for the first six to twelve inches but consists of mostly thin compost from deteriorated tree undergrowth. If a tree's genetic makeup is strong and aggressive, this strong start it gets growing well in poor ground, and eventually will enable it to spread out, establish itself and then make better use of the deeper earth once it matures.

    Most often this is not the case and trees exhibit minimal growth in most areas. Marceline's discovery in arboreal epigenetic during her college career helps trees utilize an aggressive early growth phenomenon. Her now patented discovery is proving itself to be a promising way to rehabilitate large jungle tracts and grow valuable hardwood trees in poor soil.

      Book Five (in process) goes into the life of the family archon and father of Marceline, Hênrí Pârfait who is Marceline's and Rôméo's father. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Parfait Industries a family-owned eight-hundred-year old hardwood carving and finishing company of Canadian American heritage. His life in the beginning is difficult for a young and early maturing man. Through the cold and hard work of logging and hardwood accoutrements manufacturing, Hênrí retains a steady eye on his future.

    As a stoic character of the French-Canadian family Hênrí Pârfait is an quiet archon, and as is the glue for a widely dispersed global family. He is steadfast, quiet and understanding, and only wants only the best for Marceline and her brother Rôméo but only if they make strong efforts to acquire success. With a Gallic background he is not only practical person but does not believe in flaunting family fortune with social parties or a high New York style of living. Hênrí Pârfait's company bids on large industrial and commercial contracts for finely finished buildings and multi-story skyscrapers using only the best hardwood trims, balustrades and grand stairways.

     At times it becomes necessary to have Clemmôn Aragônne back a bridge loan or guarantee short-term commercial paper to complete or bond certain types of Pârfait Industry projects. Senor Aragônne always accommodates his brother-in-law with the full financial resources of the Aragônne Family Trust. The holdings of the trust include vineyards and wineries in Europe, Canada and other global locations. "Summer Bridge, The Men in Marceline's Life, will interest young university graduate men who would like to sample vineyard life in Napa Valley from the perspective of a wine maker and his family.

    His story provides a unique perspective on conservative professional living, which is not taught or promoted in academia. Also, career seekers might enjoy reading about spiritual adventures, plausible spiritual activities and strong male and female characterizations. With the story's strong character counterparts, conflicts and drama, this book could also appeal to a wide scope of romantics.

    Marceline's Uncle Phillípe is a clever and chauvinistic people-user. His aggressive attitude toward subordinates and his rapacious characteristics strikes everyone as his having a vile personality. Overall, he is a self-centered, uber-rational 19th Century Victorian sort of man who knows how to rely on his greed and desire to dominate everyone near him. His far-fetched schemes, amorous endeavors, aggressive attitude toward women, including his long-suffering wife Monica, who he loves dearly but who he dominates like a tyrant.

    Eventually, Phillípe's act against humanity and everything good is his undoing at the story's climax, Phillípe Pârfait's dire intentions are revealed in his plan to commercially exploit the Arboria Island pond's healing powers, and to have the three people who discovered Arboria Islands secret, killed by a contract murderer. Marceline, tries her best to stop him by combining her inner strength and spiritual beliefs with Nature's Forces.

    Phillípe's villainous actions against any person or entity standing in his way, be they relative, business associate, spiritual beings or even God, are ingrained habits, and his modus operandi, developed through a life of wealth and privilege is his downfall. Phillípe Pârfait who appears to be a seemingly kind uncle needs a good thrashing.

    The Pârfait family's ancestral spirits, in their unrelenting quest to protect itself, family members and family business associates, persuade Marceline to, work with them to become a bleeding Pieta, in effect she is transmogrified into a spiritual entity that pleads with her uncle to change his ways and do good for the family this once before its too late.

    Incredibly Phillípe does not take his niece's actions or pleading seriously. However because of his intractability, Phillípe sees the walls of justice closing in on him. Phillípe's arrogance and rapacious exploitation of Nature's resources, does not sit well with any spiritual entity that savors life. As a result, Arboria Island enacts Nature's revenge on Phillípe Pârfait by closing off his escape path from the island. When he is killed by his own greed in the Book Four climax, Phillípe's inquest determines it was suicide.

    Later, with Marceline as a temporary spirit in attendance at the High Council of the Pleroma, the spirits judge Phillípe's dark soul, and find, because of his his wanton greed and his most vile actions of attempting to kill an entire family, his spirit is condemned by, to reside in the center of the Sagittarius A-Star Black Hole for eternity. No reprieve or forgiveness is available for his heinous spirit. Only six people attended his funeral in addition to his brother Henri Parfait who delivers Phillípe's eulogy.

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